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The Race Whisperer: Getting people comfortable talking about race

With Tamara Smiley Hamilton, MA
Hosted by Philip Hellmich

Keynote speaker, Tamara Smiley Hamilton, has become known as the “Race Whisperer” because of her graceful way of inviting white people into the conversation on race, diversity, and inclusion. She's been hired by billion dollar companies to work with senior leaders on race and sensitivity... evoking deep reflection when she asks the question: “How were you socialized around race before the age of twelve?” A seemingly innocent question has opened the flood gates to personal transformation. Join Tamara as she shares her own transformation as a conflict resolution specialist and peace builder, focusing on the exploration of race and its impact on the human spirit. Tamara believes that we can find peace — one to the other — if we can pause long enough to see our humanity reflected in the other.

During this heart-opening session, you'll discover insights on three steps to personal transformation:

  • Pruning internal landscapes
  • Planting seeds of intention
  • Tending to your spiritual gardens 


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Tamara Smiley Hamilton, MA

Keynote Speaker

Tamara Smiley Hamilton, MA is a global coach, facilitator and professional speaker. She is the recipient of the James H. Laue Endowment Scholarship from the school of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. This honored award is given to graduate students who continue the peace building work of the late Dr. Laue, a founder of the conflict resolution field. Tamara cans of age during the Watts Rebellion of 1965 and has dedicated her life’s work to building bridges connecting the human spirit.

She uses public speaking as a platform to reach hearts. She is one of seven global finalists for the coveted Accredited Speakers designation from Toastmasters International. Tamara is the founder and CEO of Audacious Coaching LLC. As a diversity and sensitivity coach, she helps senior leaders to transform their thinking about race and inclusion.

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